M.J. Douven lives in rural Victoria, Australia. She spends most of her time writing the type of books she would like to read. The world of Tessarion started off with an idea for a single book, but that one idea ended up becoming the seed for much more. She hopes that her readers will take as much pleasure in reading about Tessarion as she did in writing about it.

She has interwoven her faith in a series of gripping books, containing romance, adventure, mystery, and drama. Her hope is also that, one day, someone will come to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the witnessing in her books.

When she is not busy writing, her favourite hobby is reading. She enjoys reading many different genres – including classics, historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. She also likes reading about history, technology, and famous people.

She also enjoys drawing, 3D modelling, and playing board games with her family. For outdoor activities, she enjoys hiking in the mountains, going for long walks along the beach, and taking the family dog for a walk.