The World of Tessarion

Tessarion is the ancient Rhonidianic word for the world. At the time when it was first used, it meant only the Rhonidianic continent and the few known islands around it. But in later times, the word Tessarion came to mean the entire world.

As such, Tessarion is composed of major continents, island continents, and groups of islands. There are deserts, forests, grasslands, swamps, and ice-covered wastes.

The world of Tessarion has had a checkered history. Empires have risen and fallen. Great tyrants have risen up and oppressed the people under them, but there have also been great heroes. There have been golden ages, where the people flourished under the hand of their rulers, but there have also been dark ages of misery and despair. That is the way of the world.

Hundreds of years of history have been recorded, and it was from these records that books were drawn. But there is so much more left to tell.